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קרייתים - האתר של עמותת בני קרית חיים לדורותיהם - 02/05/07 -אבנר רייכלין ז"ל / ארלה צוקרמן קרייתים - האתר של עמותת בני קרית חיים לדורותיהם - 02/05/07 -אבנר רייכלין ז"ל / ארלה צוקרמן
02/05/07 -אבנר רייכלין ז"ל / ארלה צוקרמן הדפס


Last February when visiting in Israel, Lea and Uri Leitner told me

 the bad news about Avner being very sick. We went together to visit Avner.

I did not see Avner for so many years. He was sitting in his wheelchair

with barking eyes,

 a testimony for his clear brain that was working overtime.
“hey Avner, I did not see you for 40 years and here we are again”

I said to him in order to start a conversation.

He looked at me with his clever eyes and told me with confidence:
”we met in Frankfurt Airport about 20 years ago”.
I recalled then that it really happened and told Uri

“so who is the sick person here”.
We played basketball together and I can remember him

 being supportive to the young boys that joined the team

(I have been one of them). He had a very stable and balanced

personality and I can hardly recall him getting mad

or loosing his temper even in the most tensed moments..
He was a good hearted guy, clever as a fox and as friendly as they come.
It was obvious to me that I will probably not see him again

even though I hoped that he will get better.
I am so sorry that he is not with us anymore.

הערה מ אבינועם מרום

ארהלה היקר,
תנחומיך ריגשונו רבות.
הדפסתי אותם והראיתי למשפחה, שמודה לך מאד.
הייתי נוכח בפגישה בבית אילדן יחד עם אורי לייטנר.
גם אני זוכר אותך ככדורסלן ,והתרגשתי.
בשם משפחת רייכלין וממני אישית

אבינועם מרום.